damianneu - Kopie

Damian Brenninkmeyer


My intention with this website is to share my photographs with the  countless like-minded  fans of Modernist Architecture.

As an art enthusiast, I made a career as an Old Master Paintings specialist, working for various auction houses in London, New York, Amsterdam and Vienna.

To counter balance the very figurative, painterly qualities of an Old Master Painting I find  the clear lines of abstraction in architecture most calming and a great contrast.

I have always found architecture the greatest form of all the arts since it touches the life of every human being on this planet.

I have travelled the world to evaluate Old Master Paintings and filled my spare time seeking out the Icons of Architecture during the Modernist Movement. I find myself painting with my camera capturing compositions that ‘feed my soul’.

I hope to be able to communicate with fellow fans of modernist architecture and hope this website gives me the platform to do so.

I like to dedicate this website to my beautiful daughters Anya and Lyra.